Accessories and Parts

Floor Jacks Handle
We stock a full line of AC Hydraulic replacement parts. It’s a rare occasion when you'll need something; but good to know the products you buy from are fully supported! Handle is made from high quality injected plastic. Comes with replacement hardware.
AC Hydraulic replacement wheels. Come complete with O-Ring installed. Choose fixed front or caster rears:
Rebuild Kit
Complete 20 piece rebuild kit for the AC Hydraulic DK20, DK20Q, DK13HLQ and DK20HLQ floor jacks. We sell these to people who just want to know that parts are on hand!
Factory Rubber Cushion
Soft rubber cushion for AC Hydraulic floor jacks help pad your undercarriage paint from the jacks saddle. A must have for many sports cars! Fits the DK20, DK20Q, DK13HLQ, and DK20HLQ floor jacks.
AC Hydraulic Lifting Beam
AC Hydraulic Cross beam adaptor, capacity: 2,200Lbs. Needed to lift both wheels of some front-wheel drive cars without axle beam. Fits the DK20, DK20Q, DK13HLQ, and DK20HLQ floor jacks. Range of extension: 29.3"-42.25"
4" Metal Extension
This is a great add-on for the DK20 and DK20Q floor jacks. Adds 4" to the lifting height for about 24” of total lifting capability. It's great for SUV's! Fits the DK20, DK20Q, DK13HLQ, and DK20HLQ floor jacks.
12" Floor Jacks Handle Extension
12" handle extension for the DK20, DK20Q, DK13HLQ, and DK20HLQ floor jacks. Most users will find the standard length handle perfect but for tall users or hard to reach lifting points this extension makes a big difference. Comes with needed hardware.
Wheel O-Rings
Factory AC Hydraulic replacement wheel O-rings. These over sized O-rings reduce noise when moving the jack, and help protect epoxy, tile, and RaceDeck shop floors . Sold in pairs.
GS1 Rubber Cushion
Ship Weight 2lbs
~ (each)
T3 Lifting Beam
Ship Weight 27lbs
4" Metal Extension
Ship Weight 7lbs
12" Handle Extention
Ship Weight 7lbs
Replacement Handle Ship Weight 6lbs
Replacement O-Rings Ship Weight 1lbs
Ship Weight 3lbs
DK Rebuild Kit
Ship Weight 1lbs
Ship Weight 3lbs