Floor Jacks

The DK13HLQ is our most popular floor jack model! It features a low 3.1" lift platform, an extra long reach, an amazing 28.25" of lifting height, and a quick lift pedal. The DK13HLQ is a must-have for anyone who owns a low sports car like the Corvette with hard to reach lift points.
The DK20Q is just like the DK20 above with the ability to lift up to 4,400 Lbs, but the "Q" means it comes with a quick lift pedal for quickly lifting the platform to the vehicle. It features a low 3.1" lift platform, 19.7" of lifting height, and ergonomic loop handle.

Jack Stands

Protect your Vette's frame and under coating with a set of AC Hydraulic flat top jack stands. Made in Denmark with the highest quality materials using the latest technology. Don't be fooled by cheaper copies, a jack stand is not where you want to save a buck. **These stands are no-longer being produced. We purchased the last stock available anywhare!**